Pet Rules

  1. Pets should be on a short leash at all times and remain tied on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow the pet to extend off the site in any direction.
  2. Pets should never be left unattended.
  3. Your pet must always be on a short leash while walking.
  4. All pet/dog droppings are the responsibility of the pet owner. Please pick up after your pet.
  5. All pets should be registered and have the proper up-to-date tags or papers for vaccinations.
  6. If any pet is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance, the pet shall immediately be removed as per request of the manager.
  7. No more than 2 pets allowed per campsite. $5 pet fee per pet for the duration of the visit. (Pets are NOT permitted in the cabins or with cabin rentals.)
  8. Visitors of guests are not permitted to bring pets.
  9. Children shall not be allowed to walk pets.
  10. No pets are allowed in the office, pavilion, playgrounds, The Landing, restrooms or shower areas, as well as at any special events.
  11. The Lost Horizons, LLC. reserves the right to deny any pet’s entrance into the campground at their sole discretion.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with keeping our campgrounds a safe and clean place for all to enjoy!